Other Useful Information

Wondering if towels and bed linen are included? In addition to answering that question, this section of our Insider Guide will also provide you with other useful information such as what to do with garbage & recycling, where to find the First Aid Kit and so on.

Bed Linen/Towels

Other Useful Information - Beach & Bath Towels Are Provided The beds have been freshly made-up for your stay and clean towels have been placed in the bathroom. There are extra bath towels, pool towels, in addition to linens & pillows for the pullout couch located in the master bedroom closet. On your departure day, please place all used towels in the bathtub.

Garbage Disposal & Recycling

A garbage chute is located on the 3rd Level near the elevator (across the hall from Suite 345). When leaving the Suite 370, cross the mezzanine and head toward the pool area. Inside the building turn left towards the elevator, take the first left and you will see a small sign outside a door that says “Garbage Chute”. Located on the parkade ground level there is a recycling/garbage room and you are welcome to bring your rubbish there as well.

Garbage Shute, Located On The 3rd Floor Near The Elevator Across The Hall From Suite 345

Main Garbage & Recycling Area, Parkade Ground LevelRecycling is located on the parkade ground level next to the security gate entrance. Take the stairwell adjacent to Suite 370 down to the ground level. Cross the parking lot and you will find two the large colourful doors, with “Recycle” & “Garbage” on it.

What To Do In Case Of A Power Outage

Energizer Flashlight Power outages can happen, so it’s good to be prepared. The suite’s breaker panels are located in the kitchen area; all breakers are labeled. Should the power fail there is a flashlight located in the kitchen cupboard on the right side of the dishwasher.

**IMPORTANT** Following a power outage, please ensure that all stove and oven switches are turned off immediately and all saucepans etc. are removed from the stovetop and oven. This will ensure that when external power is restored there is no risk of fire from burning pots & pans.

First Aid Kit

First Air KitFirst Aid Kit Located In The Kitchen Cupboard On The Right Side Of The DishwasherThere is a First Aid Kit located in the kitchen cupboard on the right side of the dishwasher. The First Aid Kit contains products for treatment of minor injuries such as cuts or abrasions.

**IMPORTANT** Always read product instructions and warning labels before use. If in doubt, contact a medical professional.

For serious injuries Kelowna General Hospital is located nearby:

Address: 2268 Pandosy Street, Kelowna BC V1Y 1T2
Phone (250) 862-4000
3.4 kms North on Lakeshore Road & Pandosy Street

Fire Extinguisher

There is a Fire Extinguisher under the kitchen sink. This is a dry chemical extinguisher suitable for most household related fires.

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