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The Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich Shop

It may be called Little Hobo but it’s been drawing big crowds. Little Hobo Soup and Sandwich Shop has been getting heaps of well deserved attention ever since they were voted the best place to eat in all of BC. We thought we’d share this great article about our local eatery written by our friends at KelownaNow.

The Little Hobo: #1 on TripAdvisor and #1 in our hearts

Do you ever use TripAdvisor? If you have, you may have noticed that The Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich Shop on Leon Ave is ranked #1 of 375 restaurants in Kelowna, and it has held that spot for a few years now. You might wonder how they have kept this prestigious rating over the years when there is plenty of excellent competition here in the Okanagan. Well, all it takes is one lunch at the Little Hobo to understand the hype.

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One step inside the Little Hobo and you’ll notice first that it lives up to its name in the best way possible. It is indeed “little” and as cozy as your own kitchen. It also embraces the connotations of “hobo” with the quaint charm of a hole-in-the-wall, Mom ‘n Pop shop.

You’ll next notice that as soon as you step up to the till to order, owners Crystal and Steve will greet you with the best customer service in town. This wife and husband team works tirelessly, not only to bring you delicious food every day but to ensure that every customers’ experience is a special one. They will greet you as if you’re family, genuinely enquiring as to how you are, and learning your name while taking your order.

And make no mistake, they will remember your name next time you come in, too. This type of authentic and kind service shows the level of care Crystal and Steve impart into everything they do inside the Little Hobo; nothing is done without love and care.

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It’s this sincere kind-heartedness that helps create incredible food and raving fans.

Crystal and Steve are up every morning at 3:00 a.m. to prepare everything from scratch. All their breakfast items, soups, sandwiches and more are prepared fresh each day, and all by hand. Whatever can’t be made from scratch is sourced locally: Bread on Wheels delivers fresh bread daily, and they brew locally made Pioneer Coffee.

These efforts ensure the quality of every dish at the Little Hobo — whatever you order, it is sure to be made from a homemade recipe, with love and consideration, and high-quality, fresh ingredients.

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Every day, there are new daily specials, which vary from Meatloaf to Handmade Perogies to “Whatever Momma Wants to Make” (on our visit, that was Salisbury Steak with gravy and roasted potatoes).

There are always 4 soups on, and you should definitely try the Hobo Soup, which is a bit like hamburger soup with cabbage, and lots of vegetables, as Crystal will kindly explain.

Be sure to look out for exciting varieties like Dill Pickle, Smokin’ Black Bean, and Red Pepper, and Bacon Cheeseburger, which are just a couple in the literally hundreds of Crystal’s repertoire – seriously, she knows how to make 284 soups!

<who>Photo Credit: Keddy Pavlik</who>

Photo Credit: Keddy Pavlik

Steve expertly cranks out main dishes to order on the backline, and together they are quite the dynamic duo.

Try one of their famous sandwiches too, like the Hobo Cheesesteak, made on a fresh sub roll of the perfect texture, and loaded with steak, au jus, melted cheese, peppers and onions. It’s also worth pointing out that the portions are huge, and you will easily get your bang for your buck.

<who>Photo Credit: Keddy Pavlik</who>

Photo Credit: Keddy Pavlik

If you love the rich flavours of comfort food, big portions, and chefs with even bigger hearts, you will surely love the Little Hobo. #TreatYoSelf to their lunch or breakfast, and understand for yourself why they have stolen the #1 spot in Kelowna for so long!

Kelowna born and raised, Keddy Pavlik of TheTreatLife has been passionate about the local food scene basically since birth. If she’s not in the kitchen, you can probably find her at the farmer’s market or taking pictures of food.

Check it out, Global News also featured Little Hobo!

You can find Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich Shop online at:

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